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Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin WS
Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin WS
Xwrap Resin WS
TS 2257-04-12338129-2019

1 Set – 15 kg.
Composed of 2 Buckets
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The epoxy compound Xwrap Resin WS, is a new product designed to impregnate Xwrap external reinforcement systems when addressing reinforcement tasks in more difficult environments, namely wet and damp areas, and even when working with surfaces under direct exposure to water.

Component A is a thixotropic mixture consisting of epoxy resins, fillers, active diluents, pigments and target additives.

Component B is an aliphatic hardener containing fillers and additives
The application of epoxy on a wet, not dried surface. This quality is a great advantage when strengthening surfaces in operating plants with steam emission, when it is not possible to stop production and dry the structure.
New characteristics make it possible to expand the range of possibilities and scope of application of ESS Xwrap, thus solving many previously impossible tasks. In rooms with high humidity, the work on the organization of cut-offs of strengthened structures, creating a microclimate and drying these structures is quite time-consuming, and leads to an increase in the cost of the work. For this reason, the innovative composition Xwrap Resin WS is extremely effective in these conditions.
Suitable for carbon, basalt, fiberglass and aramid fabrics and tapes.
It is used as a priming compound for systems laid by the method of "wet" application.
Designed to be used for carbon fabrics and tapes with a surface density not exceeding 300 g/m2
Allows to perform strengthening works not only on wet surfaces, but even under water
Increased oil resistance.
The adhesive has increased physical and mechanical characteristics.
Simplified proportioning, a 2:1 ratio by mass and volume.
Epoxy is designed specifically for ESS Xwrap.
Very high adhesion to all kinds of surfaces: concrete, brick, metal, wood.
No additional surface primer is required.
Does not contain solvents.
The epoxy compound has passed all required certifications and has the following documents:
  • certificate of compliance with the requirements of TS
  • certificate of compliance with technical regulations of fire safety requirements
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate of Conformity with the requirements of odorimetric and sanitary-chemical indicators.
Two metal buckets, component A - 10 kg and component B - 5 kg.
Minimum order quantity is 1 set, 15 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life:
Guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from production date. The material must be stored and transported in intact original packaging at temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C. During transportation and storage of the material it is forbidden to install pallets one on another.
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