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Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin HT
Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin HT
Xwrap Resin HT
TS 2257-03-12338129-2019

1 Set – 27 kg.
Composed of 2 Buckets
Data Sheet
The epoxy compound Xwrap Resin HT, is a new product designed to impregnate Xwrap external reinforcement systems when addressing reinforcement tasks in more difficult environments, namely those requiring temperature-resistant materials.

Component A is a thixotropic mixture consisting of epoxy resins, fillers, active diluents, pigments and target additives.

Component B is an aliphatic hardener containing fillers and additives
When installing ESS Xwrap on reinforced concrete, concrete, metal and masonry structures. Heat-resistant binder. This quality is a huge advantage when reinforcing surfaces.
Suitable for carbon, basalt, fiberglass and aramid fabrics and tapes.
It is used as a priming compound for systems laid by the method of "wet" application
Designed to be used for carbon fabrics and tapes with a surface density not exceeding 530 g/m2
Increased resistance to temperature changes.
The adhesive has increased physical and mechanical characteristics.
Simplified proportioning, a 2:1 ratio by mass and volume.
Epoxy is designed specifically for ESS Xwrap.
Very high adhesion to all kinds of surfaces: concrete, brick, metal, wood.
No additional surface primer is required.
The epoxy compound has passed all required certifications and has the following documents:
  • certificate of compliance with the requirements of TS
  • certificate of compliance with technical regulations of fire safety requirements
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate of Conformity with the requirements of odorimetric and sanitary-chemical indicators.
Two metal buckets, component A - 20 kg and component B - 7 kg.
Minimum order quantity is 1 set, 27 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life:
Guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from production date. The material must be stored and transported in intact original packaging at temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C. During transportation and storage of the material it is forbidden to install pallets one on another.
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