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Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin 530
Epoxy Compound
Xwrap Resin 530
Xwrap Resin 530
TS 2257-01-12338129-2019
1 Set – 22.5 kg.
Composed of 2 Buckets
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Intended for impregnation of the external reinforcement system, two component epoxy resin with an improved composition, due to which its key characteristics and physical properties were improved
Xwrap Resin 530 is recommended for use with fabrics and carbon fiber tapes, the density of which exceeds 300 g / m2, used for external reinforcement of structures using Xwrap technology.

The technology of external reinforcement using carbon tapes allows to solve a whole range of problems associated with the loss of the structural bearing capacity, thereby not only restoring existing deficiencies, but also increasing the bearing capacity in the shortest possible time and with significantly lower labor costs in comparison with traditional reinforcement methods.

The system increases periods between renovations, as well as significantly increase the life-time of all structural elements.
For impregnation of carbon, aramid, basalt, glass fabrics and tapes.
For the installation of lamellas and metal plates.
As a primer resin for the wet laying method
Increased adhesion to many different surfaces, whether concrete, stone, wood, metal, and carbon fiber.
High vitality.
Reduction of epoxy consumption by 15-20%
Simplification of the process and speed of carbon fabric impregnation.
After drying, the epoxy is completely environmentally friendly.
It has a low viscosity, which makes it more convenient to perform reinforcement work with high-density tape.
The epoxy compound has passed all required certifications and has the following documents:
  • certificate of compliance with the requirements of TS
  • certificate of compliance with technical regulations of fire safety requirements
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate of Conformity with the requirements of odorimetric and sanitary-chemical indicators.
Two metal buckets, component A - 15 kg and component B - 7.5 kg.
Minimum order quantity is 1 set, 22.5 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life:
Guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from production date. The material must be stored and transported in intact original packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. During transportation and storage of the material it is forbidden to install pallets one on another.
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