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Thixotropic repair mortar Xwrap CemRepair
Thixotropic repair mortar Xwrap CemRepair
Xwrap CemRepair
TS 5745-022-12338129-2019

Supplied in 25 kg bags.
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Xwrap CemRepair repair compound with a coarse aggregate is used for local restoration of geometric (chips, potholes, cracks, erosion) and performance of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone structures for various purposes during repair, reconstruction and installation of the external reinforcement system Xwrap.

Xwrap CemRepair repair compound is a dry building mix based on cement binder with fiber (PAN-fiber), sand as the filler, and chemical additives as modifiers.

Xwrap CemRepair repair compound meets the requirements of GOST 31357-2007 "Cement-binder dry mixes. General technical conditions" It is recommended for use in conjunction with the external reinforcement system Xwrap.
Hydraulic structures: reservoirs (including fire-fighting ones), basins, wells, port facilities, sewage treatment plants, dams, weirs, sluices, canals, etc.
Facilities of civil construction: residential buildings, cultural and art objects, underground structures (basements, parking lots, bomb shelters, etc.).
Facilities of industrial construction: production facilities, cooling towers, mines, thermal power plants, etc.
Facilities of transport construction: tunnels (roads, subways, railways, engineering communications), underpasses, bridges, overpasses, etc.
Elements of construction projects: foundations, facades, bathrooms, balconies, industrial floors, roof surfaces, etc.
  • For application of Xwrap CemRepair in other areas not covered by the Instructions for Use, it is necessary to consult with the technical specialists at "Compozit LLC"
  • These instructions do not exempt users from testing and trial work with respect to specific materials and conditions.
  • Xwrap CemRepair repair compound is not used to repair defects less than 5 mm deep.
  • Xwrap CemRepair repair compound when repairing defects in concrete and reinforced concrete structures with a depth of more than 60 mm, used under the influence of alternating loads, it is necessary to perform layer-by-layer application of the mortar.
The external strengthening system is designed to repair and strengthen building structures in order to eliminate the effects of destruction of concrete and corrosion of rebar as a result of long-term effects of natural factors and aggressive environments during the operation of structures. At the stage of construction and operation of the external strengthening system it allows the elimination of errors in the design or execution of works, increasing the carrying capacity of structures with an increase in design loads, as well as to eliminate the consequences of damage to the supporting structures occurred during the operation.

Material Consumption:
  • Average consumption of dry material 1.8 kg/dm3.
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